Thursday, 13 May 2010

Scarlet Woman

This almost passed me by in amongst the non-stop carnival of fun and frolic that is my life, but On Demand is the featured Juicy Bit in Scarlet Magazine this month. So if you'd like a sneak preview, or even if you just want to read about Lady Gaga and Jake Gyllenhaal, you can pick up a copy from your local stockist. (Though your local stockist won't be very local if you're outside the UK.)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Please and Thank You

Although it's been available in the US for a little while now, today is the official release date of Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission. I am in awe of how hard editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is working to promote this anthology, which promises to be a scorcher - I curse the postman every day he doesn't deliver it through my letterbox.

It has its own dedicated blog, featuring author interviews and all kinds of interesting BDSM-related snippets, and throughout the month of May it is going on a virtual book tour, details here. And of course I've already posted the book trailer, which looks like about as much fun as you can have in front of a video camera.

My story, Sunday in the Study, features two characters who will already be familiar to those readers who checked out my serial story Lecture Notes, posted last year. It marks the return of Beth and Sinclair - so if you have any residual fondness for the pair, do please take a look at the book.

As ever, a host of wonderful writers are involved in the project: Shanna Germain; Elizabeth Coldwell; Sommer Marsden; Mercy Loomis; Tess Danesi; Heidi Champa; Emerald; Yolanda West; Remittance Girl; Evan Mora; Doug Harrison; Alison Tyler; Aimee Pearl; Kissa Starling; Charlotte Stein; Ariel Graham; Lisabet Sarai; Salome Wilde; Donna George Storey, and the estimable Ms Bussel herself.

I hope you get a kick out of it - or, if you prefer, a slap.