Thursday, 2 April 2009

What's The Story?

I like the new Black Lace anthology themes for 2010 - they all lend themselves to a variety of interesting scenarios. I'm looking forward to dreaming up some wild and wicked ideas to work on.

Of course, some people don't like erotica. Or, more accurately, haven't read any but just don't like the idea of it. A lovely smut-writing friend was recently made to feel horrible by one such unbeliever who just 'couldn't understand' how she could bring herself to write such 'disgusting erotica'. 'It really grosses me out,' she said, although never having read any of my friend's oeuvre, it's not clear how she reached that conclusion.

Obviously, it is pointless to even reply to remarks like this. But what would be a good response? I would have just asked 'Why?', I think, and then dropped the subject. Each to their own and all that. All the same, it struck me as a rude thing to say - and not the good kind of rude.

Oh, and final note for the day - I loved Seduction. It is a marvellous anthology from cover to cover - to the point that I can't even pick favourites. There are too many good 'uns. The death of the decent anthology is a long, long way off.


  1. How rude! Fair enough if you don't enjoy erotica, but there's just no reason to go to that place of "how can you write it?"

    Uh...cos I'm not you and am comfortable with being aware of the whole gamut of human sexuality?

    Yeah, that's what I would have said.

    Glad you liked Seduction, hon. Have you got your Misbehaviour proofs, yet? I didn't manage to reply to him in time, so I guess I'm waiting impatiently for tomorrow, now. I get so excited to read other peep's stories!

  2. Excellent answer!

    Yes, I got the Misbehaviour proofs - I got blisters just opening the PDF file. Frickin hell! There is some hot stuff in there.

    I'm giving it a proper read after I read SLN, after I finish el libro. Are you chilling out now, or jumping straight back on that erotica horse? (A dirty mare, I fancy.)

  3. Oh, you tease! Now I'm even more excited to read it! Has it got your book in the back of it? Mine was in the back for SLN and I almost died- but it was only just in as an October release, so I don't know if it will have got to December yet, if you see what I mean. EXCITEMENT!

    Seriously, I can't wait to read your antho. I can't wait even just on the level of being a BL reader, and seeing them do something different!

    And am I hellas like chilling! God knows I tried. But my mind is now swimming with an erotic superhero idea, and my no touching story, and oh I've got to get this proposal off to BL, and Samhain are wanting bondage novellas and on and on and on. I realised the other day that if you count writing as your job, on top of my other jobs I haven't had a day off since November.

    How about you? Your deadline's June, int it? Or am I just crazy?

  4. Yes, deadline is June 1st - you aren't crazy, apart from with creativity and exciting ideas. Wow. I'm excited just hearing vague snippets of what you are planning. And believe me, I am hanging out to see your book - I've been bigging you up all over town (albeit the tiny hamlet of people I know/can influence - still, it's a start).

    Boo, my book is not yet in the back. I think they do two months ahead, and Misbehaviour comes out three months ahead. There is a massive great random comma in the advert for my book at the end of my story though! Which I forgot to list in my corrections, must do that.

  5. Awww, thanks for any bigging up you can do, bebes! We shall big each other up like cheerleaders. Give me a J! J!

    And I'm glad you like my ideas. I've got a million of 'em, but I flit about too much. Now I'm wondering if I should focus on my four friends reunited to stay in a "haunted" house, telling sexy stories instead of ghost stories idea.

    It was so cool seeing that at the end of our stories, too. "her first collection comes out in blah-de-bloo". Yeah!

  6. Heh, yes, I got a big kick out of that. I wonder if it ever gets old. Hope not.

    I love that haunted house idea! Very novel-by-stealth - clever! You could do so much with that.