Monday, 14 December 2009

Easy Tiger

Two lovely links to post today.

One is the influential romance commentator Michelle Buonfiglio's Heart to Heart blog at the Barnes & Noble book club in which she recommends On Demand as an antidote to all the trashy Tiger Woods gossip in the press.

"A young woman’s confidence and sensuality blossom when she’s mistaken for a call girl in a swank hotel. From that moment on, exploring the power of that fantasy – and learning the exotic penchents and desires of those who love and play lustfully w/in that hotel – becomes her raison d’etre, and the reader’s most erotic pleasure."

Secondly, I'm proud to say I've been Erotica Cover Watched - and Mr Suit passes muster! Thanks to Kristina and Mathilde, curators of this fabulous and ever-thought-provoking campaign site. Check it out!


  1. [Apologies if this appears twice. I mean, not this bracketed bit--the rest. : )]


    It must be a swank hotel, indeed, with a raison d'etre right on the premises.

  2. I got this site from cover watch - I'm glad they approved!

  3. Thank you very much, lovelies!

    I always ask for some raison d'etre on the side when I'm away, Jeremy!

    And Amb, I was SO delighted to get pimped by the ECW. They truly rule the school.

  4. Yay for your ECW pimping! Looking forward to Mr Suit's contents...

  5. Thank you, Olivia - how lovely to see you here :).