Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fairy Tales

Beautiful things in the post today - author copies of the Fairy Tale Lust anthology all the way from Cleis Press in NYC. Editor Kristina Wright has done a superb job with this, her first collection, and I have been very keen to get my mitts on this ever since I saw the line-up and read the introduction by Angela Knight.

I mean, everyone likes an erotic fairy tale, right? Fairy tales are thinly veiled erotica anyway, full of fantasy staples. So I hope you'll enjoy this, and I especially hope you'll enjoy my story, Three Times. Here is a taster for you:

"By the time she had reached the arbour where Princess Ellora languished in her tentacular prison, Elrond was far, far behind. From the arch that led into the garden, Selina could see the silver shimmer of the vine’s bark, calling her towards it. She gasped as, step by step, the Princess’ plight was revealed in full and frightening clarity.

Now that she was close to the captive girl, she began to doubt Villiers’ tale – how could somebody so seemingly unconscious be brought to the sweetness of climax?

Nonetheless, she was resolute, and her step did not falter until she was close enough to smell the faint perfume of the Princess’ skin, mingled with the sharp vegetable tang of the vine. Selina’s instincts told her that she should not touch the treacherous bonds, but limit her contact to the human flesh on display. She drew aside the flimsy garments and dropped to her knees, inspecting the tangle of plant and pleasure spot, assessing how best to go about her unusual task.

Although the root passed through Ellora’s lower lips, it had wound itself around her clitoris so that the shiny pink button stood out proudly. The silvery skein was easy to avoid. Selina put out a hand, slowly, as if afraid that the vine would rear up and lash her away, but it did not. Instead, her forefinger touched the Princess’ clit, jiggling it a little to ascertain how tender it was. It felt a little dry to the touch, but once Selina had stroked it for a minute or so, it grew slick and easier to manipulate. Selina fell into a diligent rubbing motion, sometimes stroking with finger and thumb, sometimes pressing her palm against the tiny morsel, watching it grow and swell beneath her touch. For all the obvious evidence of arousal, the Princess’ body remained impassive, held tight by its silver-green chains, but Selina noticed that, as the clitoris fattened, the vines began to swell inside her sex, and then to begin a gentle thrusting.

The first coming was sudden and over almost before it began; the smallest swivel of her hips led to a parting of her lips and a brief burst of exhalation. But the vines slackened noticeably, and Selina gasped, astonished at the power she had over this poor creature."

A truly brilliant line-up assembles the talents of: Delilah Devlin ; Andrea Dale ; Craig Sorenson ; Louisa Harte ; Alegra Verde ; Janine Ashbless ; Shanna Germain ; Allison Wonderland ; Kristina Wright ; Jeremy Edwards ; Aurelia T Evans ; Carol Hassler ; Saskia Walker ; Alana Noel Voth ; Michelle Augello-Page ; Charlotte Stein, and ADR Forte.

And the book even has its own blog, where you can find author interviews, competitions and commentary from the lovely Kristina herself.


  1. very very nice:-)
    i already said it somewhere else but i can not wait to get my fingers on that book:-)

  2. Having got my fingers on it, I can confirm that it is worth the wait, Danielle! I hope you enjoy it.

  3. I've read it all... loved it. Your story was especially fabulous. But then, I wouldn't expect any less :)

  4. Oh, yay, Lucy, I'm so glad you liked it. It's a stunning collection, isn't it?