Thursday, 19 February 2009

Here Hair Here

If you were building the perfect man, what hairstyle would you give him?

When I was younger, I was only interested in foppishly long locks (more the chap below than greasy rocker style):

(Newman, NOT Baddiel. Though actually...)

Or it could even grow up rather than down, as in this case:

I even used to quite fancy Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen on the basis of his hair. Well, and his frock coat too, I suppose.

These days, big long hair is not really my bag, though I still like something finger-runnable-through. Luxuriant, yes: lank, no. I can't shake off my preference for the darkness, though the odd blond or redhead has caught my eye. I now like the idea of being able to find a man's scalp without plunging into a thicket of tangles, so shortish but thick, dark, not-too-distractingly styled and definitely none of that sticky-uppiness that footballers and boyband dudes seem to sport these days.

In fact, I could just revisit Rob Newman in more recent times.

This would suit me fine.

Definite barnet turn-offs: periwigs, initials shaved into head, combovers.
Things I like: quiffs, receding hairline, braids & cornrows

NEXT WEEK: Facial hair!


  1. Long hair - cornrows - dreadlocks- widows peaks ... ooooooh yummy!!! I've got into shorter hair as I grow older too (and under the influence of Kristina Lloyd's shaven-headed brutes) but I still retain the preferences of my younger days. Except I don't go for blond much. When I was 18 Legolas would have been an object of worship, but he doesn't cut it any more.

  2. *cut it*

    Oh dear. Pun not intended!

  3. Badoom tish! Yes, SO true about Legolas - that look would have made me swoon in school, but now I've grown up a bit (arguably) it's all about Aragorn.

  4. Dark is for me, too. Love dark. In fact, so dark that scientists don't know what it is. I have a fondness for Scott Cohen's pompadour of delight, and Clive Owen's raggedy curls. Ooh, and Raul Julia's hair! And Brandon Routh's! But then I also like Aaron Eckhart's baby soft blonde hair with its weird dark undertones. I think I may like hair too much.

    And Legolas is not for me, either. Nor is Aragorn. I like Elrond. How mad does that make me?

  5. Elrond is cute. I like his slightly turny-uppy nose tip. His hair is a bit Status Quo-esque, though.