Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Must Do Better

I've let it slide, I've let it slip, I've let myself go.

This blog is dustier than Miss Havisham's gaff, and I feel I ought to do something about it. Shall I get my cloistered adoptive daughter to snare the unsuspecting heart of a callow youth? Nah. I have a few other ideas for jazzing the place up. Fairylights? Massive Flash plug-ins? Maybe not.

I'm thinking some snippets of writing, perhaps a serialised story of some kind. Some entertainment to repay people the compliment of passing through here. I might also try my hand at the mancandy thing, though I have to warn you my idea of mancandy is probably not the same as yours. In fact, I tend to prefer manbrandy. Man70%cocoasolids. Manfinecubancigar. Even, to my utter shame, manpotnoodle. 'The Slag of All Snacks', as the baffling ad campaign used to say.

Anyway, I'm wittering. I'm a bit excited because On Demand is with a copy editor, which means it didn't get the thumbs down and will, yes, WILL be on the shelves in December.

It really is a sizzler! Not sure about the nutritional value though.


  1. I'm looking forward to the mancandy! Particularly manpotnoodle. Who could that be? Simon Cowell? Wayne Rooney? My mind is boggling!

  2. Yeah, it's you! Break out the manpotnoodles, for defo. Or some writing snippets might be nice! I'm dying to see little bits of your collection, I have to say. And yeah that it's all a go! What did I say? I said it would be fine. I knew he'd love it!

  3. Ewww, Janine, even I have some standards! Not many...but some!

    Thanks, Chaz! You were a much-needed voice of reason in my desert of panic.