Monday, 1 June 2009

Man of the Month #1 - Sir Guy of Gisborne

By most aesthetic standards, Richard Armitage = mancandy. He even has his own army of fans, and what those girls don't know about tactical manoeuvres ain't worth knowing. I'm never averse to spending a bit of time admiring his...acting skills...but it is one role in particular that really rings my medieval chapel bell.

The villain. The black-hearted blackguard in black eyeliner, Sir Guy of Gisborne.

Is it his low-chested lowdown growl of a voice? Is it his tormented soul? Is it the chink of vulnerability that made him susceptible to Marian's charms? Is it the smouldering eyes and the brooding disposition? Is it the certain knowledge that he would be a sex beast of monumental proportions?

Well, yeah. But mainly it's the leather ;).


  1. Jesus Christ he cuts a fine figure in that outfit. You're right- the leather does wonders for him. Can you imagine it all, squeaking and purring all over you? Lord.

    In my story with him as the "hero", he hangs the heroine upside down by her feet, for being a nasty commie rebel. I always let him get away with dastardly things I never usually let my heroes get away with. Because he's Richard Armitage, wearing eyeliner.

    Have you seen North and South? Bleedin' hell!

  2. Bleedin' hell x2! That was what started my Armitage train rolling. Mmm, final scenes at the railway station/on train...mmm.

    I have to read this story! You're right - Guy can do this stuff because he's Guy. He makes me go all wrong...but is it wrong when it feels sooo right??

  3. Hiya Justine. Tis Sef, Igor to Charlotte Stein's Mad Professor.

    Yes - the Gods of Smut have combined the best bits of Siren era Bryan Ferry (circa. 1974, eyeliner and camp poses in breeches) with Sean Bean. But in ye olde days and with scenes showing his toned abs. Not even Toby Stephens dressed as Murray from Flight of the Conchords (Prince of Parties bit) can beat this joyous hybrid.

    I also like it that Armitage macking is a major plot device in Spooks. He stands at the back of the room looking all broody and toned. And then there is the 'examining the Russian prison tattoos'. It makes basically an entire episode.

  4. I got awfully snobby and refused to watch Robin Hood because it was so clearly a heap o' shite created by people who did not give a stuff about history and were trying to be all "down with the yoof".

    But Gisborne tempts me. And from what I've read the actor is an okay sort of bloke who likes fantasy fiction. I've stolen that picture away for further contemplation and maybe a bit of light interrogation...

    Thanks Justine!

  5. Hey, there, Sef! Yes, my befogged memories of watching 'Spooks' involve a lot of fastforwarding to the tattoo scene. Washroom, tattoos, rewind. Washroom, tattoos, rewind. Ad lib till fade (or faint).

    And, Janine, I knew Robin Hood was not going to tell me much about medieval history - but I've learned loads! Like they used to go to the casino, and wear prosthetic limbs, and the women all wore Per Una from M&S! It's so educational! Arf arf. No, I watch solely for the magnificence of Gisborne ;).

  6. Justine- I've only bashed out the first chapter, but I'll send you it, if you like. And it is never, ever wrong to want Guy to do bad things to you.

    You seen Between The Sheets, too? I saw him in Robin Hood first and wanted to have sex with his face, but then I saw Between The Sheets. And was overwhelmed.

    Ha! Armitage in Examining Tattoos, an actual episode of Spooks. Orsum.

    And yes, Robin Hood is as historically accurate as a Jane Austen watching television. Even stuff like the pit of snakes seems at best, dubious. I mean, would they really import snakes from distant lands that took seven years to travel from, and then make a pit with them? Seems unlikely. As do the orange blouses from Per Una.

  7. Mmmmm, Between the

    I was thinking your Guy story was one of the ones in TTTMMGI - don't worry about sending it yet; I can wait *checks watch*.