Sunday, 7 June 2009

Coffee and D/s

W00t (how do you pronounce '00'?) - if it isn't my first ever review!

Liaisons gets a big juicy thumbs-up from Coffee Time Romance, and this is what the reviewer had to say about my story Advanced Corsetry:

Miss Frost makes corsets and once in a while she gets to do a unique one with special toys and sections within the clothing. Jess comes into her store one day with her husband and waits to be measured and fitted for one. When Miss Frost finds out an interesting fact about Jess, it may give a whole new meaning to customer satisfaction.

Ms. Elyot blew me away with her interesting and hot tale. Using erotic descriptions even during the measuring for the corset made this a fiery story. I love how Miss Frost tried to be the perfect host even as she suffered from her lust for the other woman. Add the little secret between Jess and her husband and this is a definite read anyone can enjoy!

Read the review in full here.

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