Tuesday, 16 March 2010


OK, I've been tagged again (I really am a menace to society, aren't I? not even an ASBO, just straight to tagging) so I have a copy of On Demand to give away to anybody who can correctly guess which two of the following statements are TRUE.

1. I was born in the back of a travelling van.

2. I can play the trombone to Grade 8 standard.

3. I've been in the Blue Peter garden.

4. I hate bananas with a passion.

5. I spent one summer working in a chocolate factory.

6. I can swear in Swahili.

7. I've been undressed by kings and I've seen some things that a woman ain't supposed to see.



  1. I think it is 3 and 7. Because you are tricksy, like that! You're trying to make me think it's not 7, aren't you. Baddie!

    P.S. Only do these things if you really want to! No pressure. I only tag you in case you might find it fun.

  2. 2 and 6. I'm tempted to say 7, but I think you're just being a naughty minx. :)

  3. I say 2 and 5. Of course, I haven't really got a clue.

  4. 3 and 6!

    Go on - say something rude in Swahili!

  5. Oh, you're close, so close but...no winning guesses so far, I fear.