Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Elves and Masons

Dispelling a little of the gloom engendered by my previous post, I find today that On Demand now has THREE lovely five star reviews up on amazon.com - despite being unavailable in the US. Now that's the power of the internet for you!

So I'd like to thank the fabulous Mason Mason (great name!) and the eloquent Erotic Elf for their very kind words - it's really brought the smile back to my scowling mug today. The link to those reviews, and the amazon page they are on is here, if you fancy a read.

Your very good Elf!


  1. Yeah hon, that's great! The power of the internet, indeed.

    Oh, and if you go to my blog, hon, you'll see I've tagged you to try the book boyfriend game that Bronwyn Green tagged me for. Try it- it's fun!

  2. Oh yes, sweetie, I left a review at Amazon Canada too. After all, that's where I bought your book. So you are global now!

    Scary B