Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Demand your On Demand

Just a quick update on the situation with the global release of On Demand - it isn't happening.

That is, there are no plans to distribute it overseas, beyond the usual methods of buying online and paying shedloads for shipping. Oh, hang on, though! You don't need to pay shedloads for shipping - you don't need to pay anything at all for shipping if you order from The Book Depository. They have it listed at a bargain price and that £4.78 is ALL you will pay if you order from them.

Furthermore, if you are one of those lucky people with a Kindle, you can buy it here.

My apologies to everyone who was led by me to believe that the book would be available outside the UK. I had no reason, until now, to think that my book would be treated differently to every other Black Lace book ever published. But apparently, I'm special. Aww.


  1. I'll be at The Book Depository as soon as I'm not broke like hell. *laughs*

    If I pay shipping, will you sign a bookplate for me?

  2. Please don't let it get to you too much, hon. Try to look at the good things, not the bad- I know it's rich me saying this, seeing as how I got a US release, but you do have some positives to focus on.

    The majority of Black Lace books didn't get a US release, but stuff happened later for them- like getting sold to Rover books and appearing on Fictionwise.

    Which I think is a big deal, because the vast majority of Black Lace books never had an ebook release. Unlike your book, which is now on the Kindle and has a current sales rank of 91,000. That's about a million higher than my book's rank on amazon.com.

    Not to mention the German translation, which the majority of Black Lace books also didn't get. Not even the anthos that I thought were really popular have been sold to the German market. What does that say about your book?

    That it's awesome, and very popular- regardless of a print release in the US.

    Don't let it get to you.

  3. Saranna, I will be glad to. Just say the word when you're feeling flush, and I'll sort it out for you :).

    Charlotte, yes, I know - I didn't want to say anything, to be honest, but I feel bad that I've spent months and months telling anyone who asked that OD would soon be available in their country. It's just that I feel like I've misled people now, which I hate, and I want to explain what's happened, to make it crystal clear that i never intended to string anyone along.

  4. Oh, sweet Justine, I'm sure no one will think you've misled them. It's clear that you're the victim, not the perpetrator, of this miscarriage of book justice.

    And to my countrypeople: Don't let Random House and Amazon.com tell you what to buy or not buy! Our U.S. money is good at Book Depository, and On Demand is the kind of high-class commodity that gives imports a good name.

  5. Hi Justine,

    It did not nor do I imagine it would ever occur to me that you intended to "string anyone along." Thanks for this info; I just ordered my copy from The Book Depository.

    I'm looking forward to receiving it!

  6. Aww, Jeremy and Emerald, you are too kind to me :). Thank you for listening to my whingeing - regardless of what publishers do and don't do, I am always thankful for the wonderful and supportive people in the erotica community. Thanks again, guys - feel much better now :).

  7. Aw crap. Sorry to hear about this, Justine. If I lived closer I'd take you out for a drink and we could sit and whinge together.

  8. Like Jeremy and Emerald said- no-one's going to hold it against you when it's something so sucky and beyond your control. And people will still get hold of your book any way they can, because it's awesome.

    Big love, hon. I think me you and Janine definitely need to go get that drink and a whinge, now.

  9. Absolutely. That would be just the ticket right now - in fact, we could combine the two and go out for a glass of whine. Red or white - I'm not fussy.

    Thanks for the thought, Janine - I really hope we get to do that some time this year :).