Sunday, 13 June 2010

Total E-Thrilled

After my father died in January, I needed a writing outlet that was less ferocious than the full-on erotica I was pouring into The Business of Pleasure. I needed something with a little more give and flexibility - sex would still be involved, but perhaps not in every other scene. What came out on to the page at that time fell into the category of Erotic Romance (insofar as things really have categories - I do try to avoid them if I can).

Back in the days of writing for friends and internet amusement, most of my output was erotic romance in that it always featured a primary partnership and always ended happily. Much as I often want to write a downbeat ending, I find myself incapable of doing so, perhaps because I see so many around me in the real world. So erotic romance was comforting to write and took me back into a warm and nostalgic place - which was where I needed to be.

I didn't know how good any of it was, but I sent some away anyway, just to see if anyone would like it. And I am delighted and relieved to report that anyone did. Not just Anyone, in fact, but the wonderful editors at Total E-Bound, who accepted my short novella, Competitive Nature, for publication in November.

I am absolutely over the moon to be able to add my name to the roster of fabulous writers at Total E-Bound - I even have an author page already, look:

I've had such an overwhelmingly positive experience with them already that I'm hoping to work as much as I can with the lovely peeps over there. And I'm going to join the yahoo group as soon as I figure out how to change my embarrassing old yahoo identity! Yeah!


  1. Congratulations!

    [Now why does that lovely Pre-Raph picture make me crave Guinness...?]

  2. Spectacular product placement, isn't it? If more artists had availed themselves of those kinds of opportunities, they wouldn't have had to starve in garrets.

  3. God, where to start ?
    Firstly I am delighted to have found you back. You probably do not remember but I used to be one of your reviewers (and admirers) back in ye olde days of AFF. I migrated, travelled, did a bit of this and that and by the time I came back, AFF had gone into disarray and I could no longer find you anywhere. I had pretty much resigned myself to a Liberty Elyot-less world wide web when finally... From Liberty to Justine (do I sense a Sade reference ?). I should have spotted you much sooner than that. Forgive my slowness.
    Secondly, there is no word, in my scarce vocabulary, to express my pleasure at finding out that not only do you still write but are now a(n) '(im)proper' author with all the hardcovers and Amazon pages to prove it. I have, in my excitement, ordered both On Demand and Please Sir (I have always kept a warm and fuzzy place in my otherwise stone-cold heart for Beth and Sinclair) and cannot wait to be your first French reviewer on (there are, I am certain) English-understanding, French-speaking erotica lovers who are in dire need to some guidance. I shall endeavour to lead them towards your deliciously nefarious light.
    Thirdly, did I mention that I was thrilled you still inhabit the dark and humid corners of the internet ?
    Fourthly (is probably not a word), I am sorry to hear about your father. It is a completely inapropriate comment given that I did not know him but it is sincere.
    Fifthly (another neologism), I cannot wait for the November release. I am greatly fond of the erotica romance genre... Well, I am now that I know it exists.
    Sixly (why not ?), I am thrilled. Repetitive, maybe. Heartfelt, certainly.

    Take care.

  4. MIA! Of course I remember you! I don't think I'll ever forget the fantastic reviews you used to write for Lecture Notes - the one that was in cheerleader formation was worthy of some kind of Nobel Prize for excellence in the reviewing field. So Mia turned out to be an apt name, since you have been M I A for this long time - but it's brilliant to hear from you again. And thanks a million for ordering those books - I am thrilled to think of my peculiarly British perversities finding a home in France :D.

  5. Tickled pink that you remember me ! I will try (and fail) to live up to the absolutely undeserved praises you bestowed on me and to produce a satisfactory review for the books I am still anxiously awaiting (couldn't Amazon be a tad faster ? Really, would it hurt them ?)
    While I am gnawing and munching at my nails, of fingers and toes alike, I would like to formulate a request : in order to quench my thirst for your literary prowess, I attempted to re-read 'Lady of Locksley', the Robin Wood story you had written. Unfortunately for my rumbling spirit, I could not find it anywhere. Is it another case of my behind an utter tragedy as far as web search is concerned or is this story lost forever ? If the former is true, I would be thrilled if you could tell me where to look; if the prize is behind Door #2, I'll mourn until Amazon gets out of its catatonia and delivers the goods. :)


  6. Ah, Lady of Locksley is in a secret location, but if you email me at, I'll let you in :D. I've written another RH story since then, which I'd be happy to send you too.