Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Coming Clean...

...or at least, as clean as I ever get.

I don't know why I've been so shy of mentioning it before. Maybe because I had a bit of a premature celebration a few months back. I had this idea at the back of my mind that I might jinx myself if I said anything too soon, perhaps. The right moment never seemed to quite arrive. But now the darn thing is up on Amazon denials are futile - it is time for a confession (because I do love a good Confession).

So roll up for the grand unveiling of my Black Lace anthology, due for publication in December. It's a long way off, but seeing the cover has made it all surreally real.

A foxy bloke in a suit! One of my very favourite things! My only regret is that, as a fan of the distinctive nose, his is not in evidence. Nice knickers too! As a friend said to me, this is the kind of book cover she can whip out in the doctor's waiting room without giving any little old ladies heart attacks. Marvellous. I love being complicit in a bit of sneaky surgery smut-consumption.

So, cool cover. Now I have to make sure the contents live up to its promise. Hmmm.


  1. Thanks, Madelynne! The cover is eerily how I imagined it would be, which is great.

  2. My goodness! I hardly know what to make of that cover. It's so...I don't know. Not what I would expect from BL at all. Even though it is, because BL always put out covers that are interesting and alluring, I think. Is it possibly based on something specific in one of your stories? That's what it looks like. Like it's very definitely about a particular saucy scene in one of the stories.

    And he's so...burly. Phwoar. You lucky thing, getting a dude on your cover. Erotica Cover Watch will never feature your book, that's for sure.

    Congrats, hon.

  3. When I saw I had a chap on my cover, I was so pleased! And check out those shoulders...from now on, every time I spot a broad-shouldered bloke in the street, I shall wonder if it is my lover-on-the-cover. In fact, I think this shall become my new hobby.

    It is relevant to the book - all of the stories take place in a hotel, so there are various shenanigans at business conferences etc.

  4. Wooohooo!
    Congrats Justine - way to go! And short story collections are clearly the new black!

  5. Thank you very much! I bet you could hear my woohoo-ing all the way from down here on the south coast. And yes, the new black at Black Lace is definitely anthology-shaped, it seems.

  6. Oh, you are a doubly lucky devil! You got to pick a theme or a thing that connects your stories! Adam said no theme bad Charlotte to me. Now look at you with big menz and hotel shenanigans and my woeful rubbish with no hotels and no menz.

    *cries single tear*

    Though your hotel shenaningans will no doubt be rich and delicious, while my attempt at doing a through-line would have been "So like, there's these people at a British holiday camp, and then Barbara Windsor's bra just, I dunno, flies off! Someone almost has sex with a gorilla! A little weedy guy with glasses has a threesome in a tent with two portly people!"

    Adam Nevill:

    "That's Carry On Camping."

    Me: *single tear*

  7. Really? Oh no, have I Said Too Much (again)?

    The holiday camp idea is fabulous. It could be like an erotic 'Hi-de-Hi' fanfic with Mr Fairbrother cutting a swathe through all the chalet staff (male and female) and the ballroom dancing couple could be swingers. Hang on *nips off to write proposal*.