Saturday, 7 March 2009

Stiletto Crazy After All These Years

I am a woman (honest, guv), ergo, I must have a shoe fetish. Or so I'm constantly told.

Most of the female characters in my stories have a clicky heels moment somewhere in amongst the action. They like to wear stilettoes, because they are named after a weapon and they make them feel dangerous and they thrust out the rear and lengthen the legs and all that.

They would also love these (maybe for the office).

Well, OK, I would love them. They are my ideal shoe. Also any high-heeled shoe with ribbons. Anything with buckles - the more buckles the better. And I've already mentioned the Victorian eyelet-laced boots.

My characters don't wear Crocs.


  1. I can't believe the look of your blog changed *in the middle of me posting a comment*. I thought I'd gone mad and posted the comment on the wrong blog! You little minx.

    And those shoes are hot. Those are my fantasy dominatrix shoes of choice, I have to say. Not quite kinky, not quite ordinary- just hinting at a naughty girl. Yes.

    And nobody should ever wear Crocs. They smell.

  2. I'm having commitment issues with my blog layout. I'm just a template slut.

    Yes, exactly that with the shoes. In the Venn Diagram of shoes, they are where the innocent circle overlaps the naughty circle.