Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I can't write titles.

I have a story in Sexy Little Numbers called 'The Number'.

I have another in Misbehaviour called 'Office Sex'.

Neither of these titles can be credited to me. I gather I need to be more upfront and explicit in the little shop window of information at the top of my story. So for my next few stories I might try titles like

A Threesome


Felching and Frottage in Las Vegas

And now I can't switch off the italics! (That is a lament, not a potential story title btw.)


  1. Is it just that you don't like your titles? Or is someone else suggesting other titles? Or do you have trouble coming up with them and get them supplied? Or just general silliness?

    Either way, I quite like the idea of a story entitled:

    Two Girls Have Sex With Clive Owen's Face.

    Just BAM it. Put it right out there!

  2. No, Mr N tells me that my titles suck, and I believe him. But, yes, Two Girls Have Sex With Clive Owen's Face - that is on the 'to write' list. It will begin 'Once there were two girls called Charlotte and Justine...' Take cover, Clive, heh heh.

  3. What titles didn't he like??? On my Misbehviour story he wanted a slight change to the end, but I didn't know he could ask for a title change. I thought it hardly mattered! Though I suppose mine have been pretty literal and straight forward- "Slut". Heh.

    And we must write that story immediatly. We'll be like Megan Hart and Lauren Dane and Taking Care Of Business, only our attempt will be called Taking Care of Clive Owen's Face.

  4. Apparently vague titles don't shift units - if they sound rude, they sell more copies. So 'Train Ride' and 'In the Stationery Cupboard' were not good. Though I think trains and stationery cupboards are intrinsically erotic, obviously.

    Yay at doing a Hart/Dane on Clive Owen. In fact, I envisage a whole collection of face-ravishing scenarios. Brad Pitt need not apply.

  5. Yup, Mr N can change titles. You should have seen the lists of them I went through with his predecessor over Passion of Isis...

    I think you should title your next story BAM! I mean, it's evocative, aint it, and would cover a whole range of sins ;-)

  6. Yes, BAM! says it all! I can follow up with THUD! Fab to see you here, Madelynne, and congrats again on your sale.

  7. "Yay at doing a Hart/Dane on Clive Owen. In fact, I envisage a whole collection of face-ravishing scenarios. Brad Pitt need not apply."

    Our joint venture would take the world by storm. Film rights. Brad Pitt crying cos he can't be in it. We are teh jeenios.

    And I'm now curious as to what Passion of Isis' other suggested titles were, Madelynne!

    Bam is a fantastic title. Also: SLOSH! And maybe KNOPPS!