Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Lecture Notes Chapter 11

A trip to the zoo.


  1. Awww Love is in the air....Everywhere I look around...Love is in the air...In Every sight and Every sound...His insecurity is adorable and the hint of anal action is exciting. Great Update, looking forward to your next installment

  2. Thanks, Lonny! Sometimes people hate a 'dom' character to show a hint of a weakness, but personally I love it! So it's good to know that readers aren't switched off.

  3. Awe... such a cute and hot chapter.

  4. I read this story on AFF, and if I ever thought that 1)reading this story a second time would lessen my chances of becoming utterly entangled in Beth and Sinclair's unique and endearing path to love, or 2)that knowing the outcome would dull my reactions, I was wrong.

    The opposite is true--it's like delightedly watching "old friends" rekindle a romance, and I find myself awaiting anxiously--knowing, but hoping against hope that they will not have to face--those insecurities and rough spots they did in my first reading

    Thanks for posting this again for fans, old and new.

  5. Thanks a million, anonymice! I was very much hoping that, for every new reader, there would be another who would relish the trip a second time around. I very much appreciate your taking the time to make such kind comments.