Friday, 14 August 2009

Man of the Month - Dodgy Victorian Gent

Halfway through August already and no man of the month?! I must have been distracted.

This one is more an archetype than a man, but my recent viewing of Desperate Romantics has renewed a dormant enthusiasm for the Victorian cad, or rake, or generally sketchy geezer. I have loved these demons in brocade weskits from childhood - given the choice between Adonis-like hero and melodrama baronet, I would always root for the latter.

Now I am longing to write a novel featuring such a man. A Rawdon Crawley, a Francis Levison, a Sir Despard Murgatroyd. Ooh, that would be so exciting.


  1. I was delighted that last week's DR was full of gratuitous lingering shots of Rossetti's naked torso. They've put their finger on his star appeal, haven't they?

  2. Had to re-watch that episode on iPlayer. Because it was full of informative commentary on Pre-Raphaelite art, obv ;).