Friday, 9 October 2009


Damn, I wish I could be in Leeds. Or thereabouts, at least.

From time to time, my fellows in Black Lace like to meet up and discuss the type of things we discuss. Mysterious and secret things, my friends, wicked and wanton things. Such as jelly snakes and Vincent d'Onofrio. But alas, I live in an obscure part of the country from which Barcelona is literally more accessible than Barnsley, so I have had to forego these excursions so far.

But I have been wondering lately why is it that so many fabulous erotica writers hail from Yorkshire? Is it the windswept moors, the rugged coast, the earthy honesty, the Tetleys Bitter? Because Portia Da Costa, Janine Ashbless, Charlotte Stein and Saskia Walker, to name but four, all pen their exquisite words from the various Ridings. Oh, is it because they're called Ridings? That's quite sexy, in a way. And I'd bet money that, were Charlotte or Emily (maybe not Anne) to materialise in 2009, they'd be writing hawt scenes in the heather like nobody's business, up there in the vicarage in Haworth.

So...any theories? What are they putting in the teabags? I need to know!

(Of course, it could be all the eye candy.)


  1. I wish you could be in Leeds too, mah dear. I really do.

    As for why so many naughty writers hail from's the pudding! The Yorkshire pudding! Got to be. I have mine with mince, which is extra extra rude.

  2. I wish I could too. I am even more northerly and even more poor!

    I like to think Charlotte wanders oop on t'moors with a wee straw bonnet and sits on the hillside eating apple like Renee Zellwiggot in that Beatrix Potter movie and writes in a nice little book.

  3. Oh yes, a combination of pudding and little diaries on hillsides. I'm going to whip up a batter right now.

    And Sefi, you have a blog! How cool! I shall link you, and then you shall be inextricably linked, bwahahahaha.

  4. OMG I just snorted tea...

    Happen it's true. We're all citizens of the Raunchy Ridings. And we eat cheese with our fruitcake. And say things like "it's on six while eight."

    You should come on a tour Oop North and meet us all! I'd be delighted to meet you!