Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lecture Notes Chapter 18

Sinclair meets the parents.


  1. I think the title of the chapter is wrong...otherwise I loved the chapter...although I find I am slightly glad that Sinclair got shot......I do like how it turned out

  2. Oh, well spotted! Should be chapter 18, sorry.
    Though this seems like an ending, there is one more chapter to come.

  3. ONLY ONE MORE heart is breaking, though all good things must come to an end. I did like the whole interaction between Sinclair and Mr. Newland, my family has threatened to do much worse to men who try to court me...I loved the juicy love scenes, great new chapter and as always I can't wait for more.

  4. Another great chapter and I especially loved the ending:) ...can't wait to see what comes next...please update soon!!

  5. Oh yes they're all sexily romantic now. Beth's willing submission to Sinclair as a hard but loving master is really moving.

    It's good that her first anal experience was like this. He was so gentle with her. Seeing them both get off on it so much made it beautiful and not the least bit sordid.

    It's good that her parents are finally considering being understanding of their being together. It wasn't a good start and frankly Mr N's lucky that Sinclair was a gentleman in the wake of the shooting.

    I hope they'll be more positive when they learn how much of a genuinely self made man he is.

    I'm glad there's another chappie to go.