Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Humour Me

I've been having an internal tussle lately over whether I'm putting too much humour into my stuff.

Obviously I'm not against humour in erotica - I don't much like writing that is dour or takes itself excessively seriously. But where is the tipping point at which a little bit of sassy attitude becomes tiresome and detracts from the sexiness? I can't seem to locate it, and I'm fretting a little. I don't want to fall on the wrong side of the divide.

Stylistic concerns aside, I also wonder if I'm being a little dishonest with myself. Am I trying to imply that I am somehow 'above' the earthy preoccupations of my characters? Am I, when it comes right down to it, embarrassed by what I'm writing, trying to laugh it off?

At this stage, it's more than likely. I haven't been doing it long, and I have years of irksome conditioning regarding what 'nice girls' do and don't do to unlearn.

So I want to leave in the humour that is inherent to the characters and situations, but avoid that which tries to interfere with the erotic content. I think it will be a long process. Is there a pill I can take or something?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Coming Clean...

...or at least, as clean as I ever get.

I don't know why I've been so shy of mentioning it before. Maybe because I had a bit of a premature celebration a few months back. I had this idea at the back of my mind that I might jinx myself if I said anything too soon, perhaps. The right moment never seemed to quite arrive. But now the darn thing is up on Amazon denials are futile - it is time for a confession (because I do love a good Confession).

So roll up for the grand unveiling of my Black Lace anthology, due for publication in December. It's a long way off, but seeing the cover has made it all surreally real.

A foxy bloke in a suit! One of my very favourite things! My only regret is that, as a fan of the distinctive nose, his is not in evidence. Nice knickers too! As a friend said to me, this is the kind of book cover she can whip out in the doctor's waiting room without giving any little old ladies heart attacks. Marvellous. I love being complicit in a bit of sneaky surgery smut-consumption.

So, cool cover. Now I have to make sure the contents live up to its promise. Hmmm.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Stiletto Crazy After All These Years

I am a woman (honest, guv), ergo, I must have a shoe fetish. Or so I'm constantly told.

Most of the female characters in my stories have a clicky heels moment somewhere in amongst the action. They like to wear stilettoes, because they are named after a weapon and they make them feel dangerous and they thrust out the rear and lengthen the legs and all that.

They would also love these (maybe for the office).

Well, OK, I would love them. They are my ideal shoe. Also any high-heeled shoe with ribbons. Anything with buckles - the more buckles the better. And I've already mentioned the Victorian eyelet-laced boots.

My characters don't wear Crocs.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I can't write titles.

I have a story in Sexy Little Numbers called 'The Number'.

I have another in Misbehaviour called 'Office Sex'.

Neither of these titles can be credited to me. I gather I need to be more upfront and explicit in the little shop window of information at the top of my story. So for my next few stories I might try titles like

A Threesome


Felching and Frottage in Las Vegas

And now I can't switch off the italics! (That is a lament, not a potential story title btw.)