Monday, 11 January 2010

Socks, Love and Valentines

Or, hang on, maybe that should be Sex, Love and Valentines. This, after all, is the title of the brand new Xcite anthology available in shops now, and featuring my story The Heart-Shaped Box.

To celebrate, I have a small teaser for you:

"The living room yielded no clue as to the nature of my surprise, so I walked on through the bedroom. Aha. There on the bed, a huge red heart-shaped box, almost the width of the duvet, and about half the length. Beneath the ribbon that crossed its surface was a note, which I plucked out and read.

“Dearest Horny Hayley

Inside this box are treats for you and for me. Those for you are wrapped up in tissue paper – those for me are in boxes. You MUST NOT LOOK at the things inside boxes – I will unwrap them and show them to you when I get back. But you are very welcome to open your own presents – I expect you to be wearing/playing with them by the time I arrive, which should be in about one hour. Don’t let yourself come before I do though, and, most of all…


Always your


Things to wear and things to play with…I suspected he didn’t mean a necklace and a game of Scrabble. Greedily, I whipped off the lid and cast my eye over pale tissue and intriguing boxes of leather and satin-covered card.

The first thing I reached for was soft and squashy – one of the somethings to wear, I surmised, and I found I was right when it turned out to be unexpectedly heavy, falling on to the bed in a liquid pool of blackness. What was it? So shiny and sheeny – oh! Latex underwear! We had discussed this once, in a pre-sex conversation about how we would like to see each other dressed, but it had remained in the realms of fantasy, until now.

Eagerly, I undressed out of my work clothes and struggled into the new acquisitions. It really was a struggle – they were tighter than elastic bands; I had to dust my skin with talcum powder before the shorts would go anywhere near my thighs. And there was something else about them that was special. The bra had little cutaway heart-shapes where the nipples should go, giving a peek-a-boo effect. The cut outs were trimmed with marabou, drawing the eye straight to my chill-hardened nubs. The short shorts were even more scandalous. Crotchless, they sheared away from my bottom, exposing most of it in a similar heart-shaped fur-trimmed frame. They were no more than a plasticised sign shrieking ‘LOOK! RUDE BITS HERE!’ I looked utterly and ravishingly whorish. I loved them."

Will Horny Hayley learn to cast off her cynicism and embrace the Valentine spirit? Buy it and see!

Usually I like to give a little run down of the other treats in store, with links, when I promote a book I'm in, but I have not had my copy yet, so I don't want to leave any names out by mentioning the ones I know.

However, I can tell you with no word of a lie that you will find a story by Jeremy Edwards in there - and he's the man to blame for my socks/sex confusion in the title. His book Rock My Socks Off officially releases today - and he's having a paaaaartay! Come on down and join in!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! And—whoo!—thanks for your EXCERPT! (You had me at "Horny Hayley.")

  2. Still waiting for my copy too ... *sigh*

  3. Amazon is showing it as taking up to 2 weeks to deliver - wonder if there have been snow problems? I really, really want mine NOW *footstamp*.

  4. Damn. I have come to the conclusion that Amazon probably had the publication date wrong and that their stock hasn't actually been delivered yet. I do have a memory of Adam saying contracts would be sent out in January and publication would be in February.

    Grr... Amazonfail, not for the first time.

  5. A heads-up from the new girl on the bed, er, I mean block: Ordered a copy direct from Xcite yesterday as I couldn't stand the wait from Amazon. Recieved email confirmation this morning that my order had been dispatched. Even allowing for the new batch of snowy weather, delivery should hopefully be this week.

    Kat Black - delirious to be appearing between Justine and Jeremy in the Sex, Love & Valentines line up.

  6. Hello Kat! How lovely to see you! Watch out for that Jeremy - he's likes to tickle.

    Yes, just had a look at the Xcite website and it is available there - plus there's a full lineup of the authors, Justine.

  7. Hello, Kat, how lovely to see you here - a new girl on the bed is always welcome, though I hope you're comfortable there, sandwiched between the two JEs :D. I'm even more impatient to get my copy now that I've seen the line-up - perhaps I'll follow your example and order one direct from the Xcite site, which is looking pretty cool at the moment.

    Ah, thanks for that, Janine - I was a bit confused by that (and I remember Adam saying it was out in Feb too) - and you pre-empted me with the tickle comment! I was going to warn Kat to look out for Jeremy's tickling stick, heh.

  8. YAY! I'm so thrilled for you. And for me, when I can buy my copy! *mwah*

  9. I'm not sure when the US release is - probably early Spring? But anyway - what about YOU, lady?!

    Now we BOTH have books coming out in the autumn - yay!