Friday, 15 January 2010

I Have a Date

What shall I wear? Is this too slutty? Not slutty enough? Do you think he really likes me?

Nah, not that kind of date - a release date! For my forthcoming fantasy-fest, The Business of Pleasure. According to Amazon, it will be on the scene just in time for the autumnal equinox, on September 20th. Googling this date, I find that it is the Feast Day of St Fausta and St Evilasius among others. I feel I would like to know more about St Evilasius. In the meantime, here is my listing - I'm available for pre-order!

In other news, you can ignore my moan about not knowing who was in the line-up for Sex, Love and Valentines (out now). The Xcite website has all the relevant info, plus the book can be ordered there with a minimum of delay, if Amazon has put you off. So I'm delighted to say that I share billing with: Kat Black ; Jeremy Edwards ; Shanna Germain ; Landon Dixon ; Roger Frank Selby ; Lucy Felthouse ; Primula Bond ; Izzy French ; Amelia Thornton ; J Manx ; Janine Ashbless ; Sue Williams ; Elizabeth Cage; Charlotte Stein ; Alcamia ; Lilli Lace ; Sophia Valenti and Lynn Lake. Twenty stories by nineteen writers - that's bang for your buck, baby!


  1. What a hot date! And judging by your sales rank, it looks like you've already got some preorders! Congratulations

  2. Oops, this fell off the end of my previous comment:


  3. Finally - Sex, Love and Valentines is now in stock at Amazon UK!!

  4. Hi hun,excited with all your new books! Just a quick question: is On Demand available on ebook anywhere outside the UK yet? Cheerio!

  5. Jeremy, that exclamation mark fell on my foot - ouch! But thanks! :D

    Great that SLV is in stock now - but I still don't have my copy, gah.

    Anonymous - On Demand is available for the Kindle, according to, and I think it will be released as an ebook as well as in print next month. Thank you for commenting!