Thursday, 22 January 2009

If Power is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac...

...why aren't we all out shagging pylons?

The powerful man struts through the pages of erotic stories as if he owns the place - he probably does. And I like to read and write about him ripping metaphorical (or indeed literal) bodices as much as the next smut fiend. What is it about this guy, though, given that most of his real-life counterparts are really not that sexy?

I mean, plenty of women fancy President Obama, but I'd put that down more to his general attractiveness than his residency of the Oval Office. His predecessor wasn't exactly getting knickers thrown at him, after all. (Just shoes.)

The power-brokers of erotica are different animals - not just in charge of great dominions, but personally magnetic with it.

But what came first? The power or the charisma?

Who cares? They're hott!

(Don't ask me to tell you my shameful secret politician crush though - it is much too embarrassing for public consumption...)


  1. Gordon Brown!!1! It's Gordie, in't it. Come on, he's sexy! He looks like Terry Jones (who is also sexy).

    And I don't think it's just the power. It can't be. It's a magnetism that creates the power, or summat. Like Clive Owen, just staring at you with his massive manly eyes.

    Clive Owen = Bodice Ripper of Choice. Michael Fassbender on Clive's day off.

  2. The secret shall never be dragged from my lips! Though now you've mentioned it, there is a touch of Terry Jones (yes, sexy fo sho) about the corners of the eyes there with Gordon. I'm looking at him in an entirely new way now.

    Clive is lush, but I have never quite forgiven him for cuckolding Alan Rickman in 'Close My Eyes'. You do not. Cuckold. Teh Rickman.

    Michael Fassbender, Yes, Yes, Yes! Even as a Roundhead.

  3. were you having a dirty threesome with John Major and Edwina currie? LOL

    Or maybe its Prezzer and his 2 jags


  4. Nooo, not Prezza! Though I do know someone who genuinely claims to fancy him. She reckons he would be the kind of bloke who would get up and investigate any strange sounds in the middle of the night.

  5. Clive IS lush, but I used to hate him for cuckolding teh Rickman in Close My Eyes, back when I was fourteen and had a crush on 80 year old Alan Rickman. I also used to watch the film over and over, just cos it had Rickman bonking.

    Fassbender was great as a Roundhead. But he was best in Hex. I always remember that he was so hot, I fancied him and watched the show just from that advert he did, sat in a big chair, looking hot. Nom.

  6. Gah! Now you've made me go and order the DVD of Hex from amazon.