Monday, 27 July 2009

City of Light

I feel reinvigorated and renewed, and a few other re- things to boot. Refreshed. Reformed. Rebarbative. (Actually not sure what that last one means.)

I have walked more miles in the past four days than I have done in the previous four months; I have seen the Seine and mused at the Musee d'Orsay; I have stirred coffee and stirred ideas around in my head. Paris, I think, is good for the spirit. Certainly good for the imagination.

Story and plot ideas started popping into my head from the moment I looked through the back window of the hotel room and noticed the grey-suited arm of a businessman working at his desk in the apartment/office building opposite, and from that moment they just went pop! pop! pop! at regular intervals, like a succession of champagne corks.

I love champagne! I love Paris! And, just at the moment, I am back in love with writing again.

Vive la difference!

(I have to say that, when I saw this picture - Gustave Caillebotte's Raboteurs de Parquet - I did think of Erotica Cover Watch. I think their nineteenth century predecessors would have approved!)


  1. O Paris, J'adore Paris, everything from the culture, the language, to the food. I'm glad the city has done such good and wonderful things to you, it seems to have that power over people. I blew my previous chance of going and am kicking my self in the a** for it lol. Ce la Vie I guess lol.
    Love and wishing you good times

  2. Thanks, Lonny - if you get another chance to visit Paris, you have to take it. You won't regret it!

  3. Oh cool! Take any nice photos? So glad you are invigorated and inspired once more Justine. Look forward to reading the results!

  4. Oh yes, there are photos - but most of them are blurred. Sigh.

  5. Hi, Justine! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, and for teaching me a new word (rebarbative ... which you aren't, which I say based on having looked it up—and now I'll spend the rest of the day wondering why a resurgent beard was considered repellent by the Middle French, unless I break down and consult the O.E.D.--or you zip back to the middle of Paris to consult some middle Frenchpersons).

  6. Ha ha ha, gotta love those Middle French! I can see that rebarbative is a word I will have to drop into casual conversation more often.

    Great to see you here, Jeremy - I'm not formal, and you can keep your hat on ;).