Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Devon Cream

That's what Black Lace is like, apparently, and it seems to me a damn fine foodstuff for erotica to aspire to be. Better than cauliflower or quinoa or something like that, surely. As a dweller in the land of Cream Teas, this image tickled me, and I was also very pleased to read the rest of Jean Roberta's thoughtful review of Liaisons.

"Advanced Corsetry” by Justine Elyot is a more elaborate and tightly-laced BDSM fantasy told by a custom corset-maker who loves her craft. She is approached by a man who orders a corset for his “wife,” a woman who seems to be under orders never to speak. Following the “husband’s” instructions, the corset-maker is able to arouse the “wife” in unmistakable ways, but a disturbing question about the consensuality of the “fittings” hangs in the air. When the corset-maker is almost excited enough to ignore her own concerns, the “wife” breaks her silence to reveal her true motives. This story is essentially a lesbian romance to which a man has been added as window-dressing.

Check out the review in full here.

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