Thursday, 9 July 2009

Man of the Month: July

This month (so far) I have been mainly watching The Sound of Music. It comforts me, it rocks me to sleep, to dream of dirndls and strudel and whistles and bells and...

Schwoon! Who would not want to dance the Laendler with Captain Von Trapp, eh? All that uniformed, buttoned-up, imperious passion. Jawohl!

So, yes, that is what has been taking my mind off the general woe. That, and all the wonderful Black Lace writers who have been such towers of strength and solidarity over the past few days. You know who you are - thank you all.


  1. me diamonds and rubies, i'm crazy bout bentleys.
    gucci dresses and drop top compresses.
    wine me and dine me, bring those platinum rings,
    those are a few of our favourite things....

    ..oh no..hell..that wasnt the sound of music/favourite things... was it?..:-)

  2. You not a sleigh bell and schnitzel with noodles kind of girl then, Danielle? ;)