Wednesday, 15 July 2009


If you have the other half, can you send it back to me - that's: Justine Elyot, Slough of Despond, UK.

Or maybe I'll soldier on with my fifty percent of ticker and just write fanfiction forevermore, because Desperate Romantics - starting next week on BBC2 - looks as if it might launch a sea of purple Pre-Raphaelite prose, and I do think I might like to surf that wave.

Paint me!


  1. No, don't give up now! If you want to go back to fanfic, then do. But keep writing for publication, too. Either that, or write fanfic with the names and things changed so that it *can* be published.

    Talk to me any time you need to, hon.

    *big hugs*


  2. Oh, I'm looking forward to DR soooo much!

  3. I had a feeling it might float your boat, Janine ;). Can't wait for Tuesday!

    Hey, Charlotte, I'm just moaning really. I feel like I'm in a strange new land and my GPS signal has just gone. There's no way back home...because home isn't there any more. Ooh, deep stuff! I keep writing but I don't seem to really want to write. Nothing is grabbing me.

  4. Oh, I know how that feels Justine. Having a bad few days myself.

    Roll on swine flu.